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Club Rules and Regulations

Club rules and regulations have evolved over the years and are written to protect everyone’s safety and enjoyment of the Club. Club members may not extend membership privileges to non-members. (Examples are: a. giving permission to a friend to use the Club’s boat launching ramp; or b. the lifts in the South Harbor area; or c. parking anywhere on Club property when not a guest; or d. fishing on Club docks, etc).

Grounds Rules

Dogs are permitted. Leashed dogs are allowed in the small boat area and the lawn in front of the South Club as companions, not for “constitutional walks”. Dogs will be allowed leashed on gravel roads and drives to and from public roads, docks, and to the wooded fringes of the Club parking lot; these are areas for “constitutional walks”. Owners, please pick up after your friends. Please, no dogs, leashed or otherwise, on grass lawns surrounding the Clubhouse, meaning all lawns north of the bridge to the small boat area, south of the North Docks (with the exception of the small lawn immediately to the west of the dock entrance; near horseshoe pits) and east of the front stairs.

  • Picnicking is permitted where picnic tables are located. Picnickers are responsible for cleaning used areas and returning club furniture to its proper place. Grills are available near the North Docks. Personal grills may be used at the South Harbor Pavilion.
  • Ball playing and other sporting activities are permitted on the back lawn.
  • Please use trash cans provided for disposal of paper and other wastes. Do not bring personal household waste to the Club for disposal.
  • All boats must be kept clear of the swim dock by a minimum of 100 feet.
  • Water skiing starts and finishes are not to be conducted from Club property.

House Rules

  • Persons under 21 years of age will not be served alcoholic beverages, nor shall they be seated at the bar.
  • The Club is casual, meaning shorts, t-shirts and sandals are appropriate, however, consideration should be given when dining in the main indoor dining room. Please, no wet swimsuits and/or bare feet in the Clubhouse proper (dressing rooms only).


Members should be familiar with and adhere to guest rules, including visiting boat rules and marina rules.

  • Guests may be entertained at the Club three times per season regardless of host member(s). A member must accompany guests unless a guest is using a guest pass, issued by the Club. Please check with your intended guests as to the number of times they have been to the Club in a given year.
  • Club members will be held accountable for their guests whenever they are on Club property.
  • ABC regulations require registration of all guests. A guest log is located in the Clubhouse Lobby. If you are entertaining guests, please see that minors and adults are registered individually.
  • Crew members of Cayuga Lake Cruising Fleet and Club recognized one-design fleets are permitted access across IYC property only if the skipper of the boat on which they are crewing has entered into a written license agreement with IYC.

Rules Governing Children

  • Children are welcome in all areas of the Club (except the bar) but children under age 13 must be supervised by an adult.
  • All children should be thoroughly aware of, and understand, all posted rules for docks and swimming areas.
  • Horseplay in the water or on the docks will not be allowed.
  • Swimming is allowed only in the designated swimming area, and only when a lifeguard is on duty.
  • Misuse or abuse of recreational equipment, other Club property, or boats, may lead to suspension of Club privileges for guests, parents or children, or even a sponsoring Club member.
  • Any member may bring rule infractions to the attention of a flag officer for disciplinary action.
  • Guest rules apply to minors as well as adults.

Waterfront and Swimming

  • A lifeguard is on duty only at certain specified hours. No swimming is allowed if a lifeguard is not on duty.
  • Children are to be supervised by a parent or adult at all times.
  • Stay clear of areas where instructors are giving lessons or instructions.
  • Watch out for other swimmers when diving, jumping, or swimming.
  • Only one person at a time is allowed on the diving board.
  • Glasses, bottles, or other breakable items are forbidden on swim docks and adjacent beaches.
  • Report all accidents at once to instructors, lifeguard, and an IYC officer or employee. First Aid kits are available at the lifeguard station on the waterfront and in the Youth Building. In case of emergency, refer to safety plan posted in Youth Building, and on bulletin board at north end of the Clubhouse.

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