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GUIDELINES for the swimming area

As we begin the 2021 season, the covid-19 epidemic is still with us.  Vaccination holds the promise that the situation will eventually improve, but until it does we have a responsibility to follow the rules laid down by New York State. Here are the guidelines that were developed for 2020. This page will be updated before the 2021 season begins.

New York State has specific rules to control the spread of covid-19 at lakefronts and beaches.  Our waterfront permit from the Tompkins County Health Department includes the following rules for the swimming area.

Social distancing: The New York State rules on social distancing apply everywhere at the club.  Keep at least six feet away from other people, except for members of your immediate family group.  The only exception is when a six foot separation is impossible, e.g., when passing on the swim dock.

Masks:  Everybody entering the swimming area should have a mask. Do not wear a mask when swimming, but avoid coming within six feet of other people, especially when on the swim dock.  Be particularly conscientious in wearing a mask when you are near the lifeguards.

Checking in:  Everybody who swims must check in at the lifeguard table.  The maximum number of swimmers in the swimming area is fifteen, with no more than five on the dock. You must wear a mask to check in.

Gatherings:  In addition to the social distancing rules, New York State limits the size of gatherings.  Individuals at gatherings should keep at least six feet apart.

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