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Hobie 14

The Hobie 14 was the first surfing catamaran designed by Hobie Alter in in 1968. This IYC Hobie 14 was donated by Susan & Charles Witherup who oversee its maintenance.

Rules for Hobie 14 Use

  1. IYC Members must become Registered Users by demonstrating their competency and good judgement.
  2. To become a Registered User please contact Susan Witherup at susan.swensen@gmail.com
  3. The Hobie 14 may be used only within sight of the IYC flagpole
  4. Users must wear a Personal Floatation Device at all times
  5. This boat is a one-person boat; two small people (<150 lbs) may sail together, but care should be taken to evenly distribute weight to prevent capsizing.
  6. Reservations are limited to two hours at a time on weekends and holidays
  7. The boat must be signed out online prior to use.  Registered Users click on this link and edit calendar in separate tab
  8. Hobie must be returned to its shoreline rack, properly secured and cleaned after use
  9. Any damage or maintenance needs must be reported to Susan (e-mail above)

Hobie Reservation Calendar

Registered users may reserve the boat through Google calendar (you cannot edit the displayed calendar below - you must go through Google calendar).


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