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Harbor and Docks Regulations

I. General Use Procedures and Transient Docks Usage

  1. Only members in good standing may use the facilities of the Ithaca Yacht Club, including but not limited to the slips at the North Docks and in the South Harbor Marina.  To be a member in good standing, one must make timely payments of all dues and fees, adhere to all Ithaca Yacht Club “Rules and Regulations,” and affix a current season ID sticker to his/her boat(s) and/or trailer(s). All boats and trailers must display stickers, whether in a slip or in dry storage.
  2. All boats in the Marina are private property.  Never board a boat without first being invited to go aboard by the owner.
  3. The Harbormaster is in charge of all docks, mooring areas, and dry storage of boats and trailers, and is responsible for these areas at all times.  The Harbormaster (or a designated appointee) is authorized to move or retie boats and trailers as needed.
  4. Transient slips and docks are located on the North Docks, are unassigned, and are open to members on a first come first serve basis, except during regattas or other times as the Harbormaster may indicate. Transient slips will be identified on an annual basis by the Harbormaster.


*No transient boat shall be left unattended overnight at any dock without permission of the Harbormaster or a flag officer.

*If left unattended at all, boats must be tied four ways where possible.

*Use of heads or sinks that discharge overboard are not allowed in the Club harbor areas or in Cayuga Lake.

*Washing, painting, or repairing boats shall not inconvenience other boats or damage facilities in any way.

*A no-wake boat speed of under 5 mph must be adhered to within 100 yards of all Club docks, the marina, moorings, and all Club property.

*Boat and picnic waste may be disposed of in Club-provided trashcans. 

*Service area for car parking at the North Docks is limited to 10 minutes for loading and off-loading.

*To aid in vessel identification, please affix the current season’s sticker to your boat or trailer, and fly an IYC burgee when your boat is at the Club.

II. South Marina, North Dock, and Dry Storage Usage by Marina Members

  1. The Ithaca Yacht Club owns the slips and related facilities. Only the Harbormaster can assign slips; members are not permitted to sublet or assign their rented slip to any other member. All slip occupants of record will be mailed a rental statement for the next season’s rental by December 15th. The slip occupant must pay the rental fee and membership dues no later than January 31st in order to maintain a right to that slip for the upcoming season.  If any slip occupant does not pay the rental fee and membership dues by February 1st, the slip will be available to the next member on the waiting list. New renters will also be billed for the Initiation Fee during their first three years.
  2. Before occupying a slip or dry storage location, members must provide proof of liability insurance to the IYC Club Office. 
  3. Slips are to be kept neat and orderly: rowboats, dinghies, and other equipment must be kept within the confines of the slip.  Carpeting, tires, TV antennas, and other similar items are not to be attached to the docks or walkways.
  4. Marina and North Dock Quiet Hours are:  10PM – 7AM: Sun through Thurs; 12 midnight through 7AM: Fri, Sat, and holidays.


*Painting, stripping or sanding on any dock or walkway is not permitted.

*Noisy or invasive work is prohibited.

*Dock lines, power cords, TV and telephone lines, and water hoses shall be neat and orderly, and shall not cross over docks or walkways.

*No additions, deletions, or modifications may be made to a slip facility, except as approved in writing by the Board of Directors, upon recommendation by the Harbormaster.

*All halyards, sheets, electrical lines, other lines and rigging shall be properly secured so as to prevent noise.

*Members shall be familiar with and adhere to guest rules, including visiting boat rules (see below) and Marina/North Dock rules.

III. Slip Waiting Lists, Rentals, and Renewal of Rentals

  1.  Adding Your Name to the Slip Waiting List: To add your name to the slip waiting list for placement in either the South Harbor Marina, or at a permanent berth at the North Docks, send a written request to the Harbormaster in care of the Ithaca Yacht Club. Sign and date your request, include the dock size you require, and a deposit check in the amount of $100, made out to the IYC. This deposit will be deducted from your first slip rental bill. Slips are assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Your application will become official on the day it reaches the IYC office. Thereafter, when a slip becomes available, you will be called when your name reaches the top of the list.  You do not have to accept a slip assignment when offered, and you will be able to maintain your position on the list until such time as you accept a slip, or ask the Harbormaster to remove your name from the list.
  2. Adding Your Name to the Seasonal Sublet List:  To add your name to the list for a Seasonal Sublet, follow the same procedures as in item # i, above. Please note that a seasonal rental as a sublet provides no rights to a slip the following season. 
  3. Adding Your Name to the Slip Transfer List:  If you have a slip in the South Harbor Marina, or a permanent (annually renewable) slip at the North Docks, and wish to move to another slip, send a written request to the Harbormaster in care of the Ithaca Yacht Club. Sign and date your request, include the dock size you require, and/or the change of location in the marina.  If possible, please identify the desired slip by its letter and number:  i.e., “C-12.”  When a slip fitting your requirements becomes available, you will be notified by the Harbormaster.  Note that Slip Transfers take precedence over the two other assignment categories, in i and ii, above.
  4. Annual Renewal Procedures:  Each winter, “slip holders” who are Yacht Club members in good standing and who in the previous season, occupied a slip to which no other club member has a legitimate claim, will be given the opportunity to lease the slip for the impending season.  The slip holder can exercise his/her “first right of refusal” to the slip by completing the “Slip Rental Agreement and Payment Notice” and submitting this with the appropriate fee(s) (slip rental fee and any initiation fee or initiation fee balance) to the club by the deadline published in the agreement. Payment of the slip rental fee (and any initiation fee or initiation fee balance) grants the slip holder the right to annually lease the slip. In return, the slip holder agrees to be liable for the slip rental fee each season until s/he informs the Harbormaster, in writing, that s/he wishes to surrender first right of refusal to the slip.  By doing so the member understands that s/he is also surrendering the right to any slip unless and until another one becomes vacant and s/he is the next member on the waiting list.

  5. Leave of Absence Procedures and Subletting a Slip:

A.  If a slip holder wishes to surrender his/her slip for one season, he/she may do so by checking the appropriate line on the “Slip Rental Agreement and Payment Notice” (I would like the Harbormaster to sublet my slip for the 200X season.), or if the “rental agreements” have not been mailed, by writing directly to the Harbormaster. If the member wants to return to his/her slip in the subsequent season, s/he can only do so by paying all fees (slip rental fee and any initiation fee or initiation fee balance) for the season s/he will be temporarily vacating the slip.  The Harbormaster will then attempt to locate a sublet for the slip for the impending season. The slip holder understands that s/he is still liable for the slip rent (and the initiation fee or initiation fee balance) for the impending season unless and until the Harbormaster is able to lease the slip. 

B. If the slip holder finds a member in good standing who agrees to sublet his/her slip, s/he may suggest that member to the Harbormaster. If no other member who has asked to sublet a slip is ahead of that person on the waiting list, the Harbormaster will assign that individual to the slip. The slip holder’s obligation for the impending season will thus be fulfilled by the person assigned by the Harbormaster to sublet the slip.  The club will then refund to the slip holder who is taking a leave from his/her slip an amount of money consistent with the length of the sublease (entire season or a portion of the season) and the length of the boat that will occupy the slip (e.g.., if the slip is a 40' slip, but the sub lessee’s boat requires only a 25’ slip, the member who has been temporarily assigned to the slip will be charged an amount consistent with the present practice for the size slip his/her boat requires and, the slip holder’s refund will be reduced by the difference). The member renting the slip must provide a Certificate of Insurance demonstrating that they have at least $300,000 in liability insurance before occupying the slip, in addition to paying the slip rental and electricity charge (plus tax).

C. If the slip holder wishes to take another leave for the subsequent season, s/he will again be responsible for the slip rent (and the initiation fee or initiation fee balance) for that season unless and until the Harbormaster is able to lease the slip. The process for leave taking and retaining the “first right of refusal” will be the same as that detailed above. 

D. Definitions 

Slip holder: A member in good standing who occupies a slip to which no one else has a claim and retains the right to annually renew this slip by paying all appropriate fees.

Sublet: A member in good standing who has been assigned, by the Harbormaster to a slip from which a slip holder has taken a temporary leave.  A sublet is not a transfer from  another slip or a transient boat who has been give temporary dock space by the Harbormaster (i.e. a visitor from another Yacht Club or a boat in need of repair).

IV. Marina and North Dock Safety Rules

*No swimming at any time in the Marina or off the North Docks.

*No fueling of boats from fuel trucks, tankers, or other large capacity (in excess of 6 gallons) conveyances is permitted.

*Open fires are not permitted anywhere in the marina basin or the North Docks. Grilling is allowed only on proper equipment on lawns adjacent to South Harbor Pavilion and North Docks.

*No discharging of marine waste systems is permitted at any time.

*Emptying porta-johns into IYC facilities is prohibited.

*Trash is to be secured in bags and deposited into dumpster in main parking lot.

V. Marina and North Dock Schedule of Operation

*Annual opening dates for the Marina are:  April 1 for dry-slipped water craft, and May 1 for boats at Marina or North Dock Slips. Closing dates are: November 1 for boats at Marina or North Dock slips, and December 1 for dry-slipped watercraft. Any deviations from this schedule will be published in the IYC's web-based newsletter. Winter Storage schedules are in effect after these fall dates.

*Any boats/trailers remaining after the posted closing date will be subject to winter storage charges.

VI. Visiting Boat and Reciprocity Rules

In addition to all rules applying to Ithaca Yacht Club members, the following rules are in effect for visiting boats, and those with whom the Ithaca Yacht Club has a written Reciprocity Agreement:

*Upon arrival, the visiting skipper must sign in with the Harbormaster, office manager, or a flag officer.

*Sign in at guest register located at the Clubhouse.

*The Harbormaster will designate and assign North Dock slips to visiting boats requesting overnight dockage, upon availability. Any visiting boat with a guest pass or with an attending member may use any available transient slip for day-time usage.

*Ithaca Yacht Club members with boating guests should clear any guest privileges with the Harbormaster or a flag officer

*There is a three-day limit at docks for visitors, with extensions authorized by the Harbormaster.

*Docking fees are determined on an annual basis. Those boaters who are members of clubs with whom the IYC shares a reciprocity agreement will be provide with docking free of charge for the first two nights.

*After the two-day grace period the dockage fee is $2/boat-foot per day.  Electricity is available for $5/day.


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