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IYC Cayuga Lake Cruising Fleet Newsletter (May)

05/18/2016 1:30 PM | John Webster

  The Pennant   15 May 2016

Newsletter of the IYC Cayuga Lake Cruising Fleet

First Race Day of the Spring Series, Sunday, May 15

The NOAA weather forecast for this day read as follows:

Showers likely, mainly after 2 pm. Mostly cloudy, with a high near 46. Breezy, with a west wind 17 to 20 mph, with gusts as high as 30 mph. Chance of precipitation is 70%. New precipitation amounts of less than a tenth of an inch possible.

For once, the forecast was correct, except that the gusts were a bit stronger.

The following five crazies showed up at the starting line: Richard Stephens with his Corsair F 28, Trevelyan; Tim Bonniwell with his new J-70 Ayla’s Ride; David Feavearyear with his J-24, Snitch; Clare Fewtrell, with her J-24, mehitabel; and Eberhard Alsen with his Tanzer 25, Fantasy.

For today’s races, Fleet Captain Charles Witherup cooked up two rather long courses: BCLFE and NEFBCL. I’ll spare you the recitation of the names of those marks, but in each race we crossed the lake more than once.

During the first race, we saw a couple of almost-collisions as boats sailing close together got hit by heavy gusts and rounded up. But everyone finished the race, with Richard Stephens’ Trevelyan coming in first both in terms of line honors and corrected time.

During the second race, a couple of competitors abandoned the race. Here is why. Clare Fewtrell, skipper of the J-24 mehitabel explained: “Sorry we wimped out in the second race. Too much sail and not enough rail meat led to several views of our keel . .  . to the rest of the fleet. As a result several of us got a bit wet . . . we all managed to stay on the boat, but we weren’t up for any more racing.” And Richard Stephens, skipper of the Corsair trimaran Trevelyan, who had only Keith Rice as crew, said that they abandoned the race because they got tired of fighting the 35 knot gusts.

But the crew of Tim Bonniwell’s J-70, Kayla’s Ride, seems to have had a great time. Charles Witherup wrote “we hit 14 kts for a minute or so with 12+ kts for maybe 5 minutes.  Quite the ride indeed.”

Taking it all in stride and winning the second race was Dave Feavearyear’s J-24, Snitch.

Complete race results and Spring Series Standings are on the next page.

Second Race Day of the Spring Series, Sunday, May 22

The skippers’ meeting will be at the South Pavilion of the Ithaca Yacht Club at 12:45. The first of the two races will start at 1:30.

See you at the South Pavilion.

Eberhard Alsen, CLCF Secretary


IYC CLCF Race Results

Spring Series Race #1

Start:                    13:50          Wind NW 18-20 G28      Course BCLFE

Boats                    PHRF          T-ON-T        FT               ET               CT      

TEVELYAN            41               1.0980        14:43:25     0:53:25       0:58:39

AYLA’s RIDE         114             0.9789        15:00:16     1:10:16       1:08:47

MEHITABEL         168             0.9053        15:01:04     1:11:04       1:04:20

SNITCH                168             0.9053        15:01:11     1:11:11       1:04:27

FANTASY              183             0.8868        15:12:15     1:22:15       1:12:56

Spring  Series Race #2

Start:                    15:30           Wind NW 20 G 35           Course NEFBLC

Boats                    PHRF          T-ON-T        FT               ET               CT      

SNITCH                168             0.9053        17:01:59     1:31:59       1:23:16

AYLA’S RIDE        114             0.9789        17:00:46     1:30:46       1:28:51

FANTASY              183             0.8868        17:26:52     1:56:52       1:43:38

MEHITABEL         168             0.9053        DNF            DNF            DNF

TREVELYAN         41                1.0980        DNF            DNF            DNF 

IYC CLCF Spring Series Standings After Two Races  

Boat/Race #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 Total
SNITCH 4 0.75 4.75
TREVELYAN   0.75 4 4.75

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