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How-To Documentation

The security of your information is important to IYC.  Please note that the IYC membership directory is ONLY available to members of IYC.

            Profile Definitions

               Updating Your Membership Profile Information

            Setting Your Privacy

            Setting Your Email Subscription Settings

Questions?   membership_support@ithacayc.org

Profile Definitions

 You have two profiles in Wild Apricot, a Membership Profile and a Directory Profile. 

  • Your Membership Profile is all the information that is in the system for your record. 
Some of the Membership Profile information is used for administrative purposes and only accessible and viewable to the administrators of the system. 
Other Membership Profile information is maintained by you and you control whether it is displayed in the Online Member Directory.
  • Your Directory Profile is the subset of your Membership Profile information that is made accessible to all members by way of your personal Privacy Settings.

Updating Your Membership Profile Information


Note:  There is some profile information you will not be able to update, such as User ID.  This information is maintained by system administrators.

Setting Your Privacy Settings

Privacy settings control whether or not you are listed in the Online Membership Directory and, if so, what information is displayed about you.



Setting Your Email Subscription Settings

Email Subscription settings control whether or not your receive system emails or email blasts sent out to the IYC membership, for instance, the newsletter and other membership-wide information. 





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